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We offer show perspective corgi puppies for people who are interested in breeding or show career, as well as wonderful healthy pets.

Corgi puppy price does not depend on only from parents titles.

All our studs have perfect temperament and exterior, are health tested, which makes their puppies successful both in exhibition rings and at herding.

Our dogs and puppies eat super-premium quality food that helps them to grow up strong and healthy.

During first three months puppies are examined several times by a veterinarian.

Corgi puppies leaves our kennel only fully vaccinated, with a microchip and the full package of UKU-FCI documents (pedigree recognized by the AKC and KC).

We do worldwide delivery in cooperation with the best airlines and ground services.

Please choose lovely corgi puppy and send us request by e-mail mentioned in our contact details along with brief details about you and your family, the country you live. We will reply with corgi price and delivery shortly.